Telephone with an English incoming telephone number or a Spanish incoming telephone number with 1000 minutes of European landline calls ONLY 6 europer month INC IVA.

Alternatively the telephone can be on a pay as you go system whereby all landline calls to European landlines are ONLY 1.5 cent per minute with no connection charges.

All telephone packages come with your own customer log in portal where you can instantly access all call records, all call costs, change your tariff, or add some of the many extra options available.

Never miss a call with the voicemail service... In addition our VoIP service offers FREE voicemail accessible via your e mail. Never again will you need to miss a call. If you are away from home it means you can easily pick up your messages. The message is sent to an audio attachment that you can listen to from any PC or laptop which has speakers or headphones. Put an end to roaming fees... You can attach your tariff from your telephone to use on your mobile phone. This will work anywhere you have internet. This means you can go to England and call Spanish landlines for only 1.5 cent per minute.

Voicemail Email Notifications Call Forwarding

All of our support team speak English, so you have peace of mind that you can communicate at ease.

Internet, Telephone and IP TV 3Mb internet, telephone with a UK or SPANISH number and 1000 mins of landline calls. 

IPTV, giving you 40 channels of TV and 14 day catch up (no satellite dish required and no Telefonica landline required) ONLY 36 euro per month INC IVA.

Contact us today on +34 965 064 350 and get unlimited free calls today.


You can take your phone and TV anywhere you have internet and can also switch both off anytime you are not wanting it (ie if you go to the UK for a few months).  

Installation charges are applicable.

12Mb Internet...

12Mb Internet ONLY 30 europer month

8Mb Internet and Phone...

8Mb Internet and telephone with 1000minutes of landline calls to Europe ONLY 31euro per month INC IVA.

PN TV Services 

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Telephone: 965 064 350 Mob: 622 448 381