Who are PN TV Services ?

PN are a totally legal company that have been operating in Spain for 7 years and are constantly expanding our network and services.

Where do PN operate ?

Our office is based in Pinar De Campoverde and our coverage is from here to Pilar De La Horadada, to Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Villa Martin ,Torrevieja, and most areas in between.

Can I transfer my existing telephone number?

Yes you can but there is a charge involved and a waiting period.

How to Re-Scan my TV Box

GM HD Digi Box Press menu and scroll to satellite (installation) Press ok then scroll to single satellite search. Press ok then scroll to network search and change to yes. Scan mode should be on preset scan .Scroll to Search and press ok. Your box is now scanning, this will take approximately 20 minutes. When complete YES will come up. Press ok, now exit all the way back to a picture, (keep pressing exit until you have a picture) Your new channels will now be in your All Satellite section. To move them to your favourites group highlight on the channel list which channel you want to put into your group. Press info, FAV comes up. Press ok and choose your group. Press ok, a heart will appear next to the group. Press exit, the channel is now in your favourite.

Can I just have Internet with no TV or phone ?

Yes of course , you can have all our services individually, Internet, TV, Phone or combine any 2, or have all 3. At PN the choice is yours.

What speed (Mb) internet is available to me ?

We offer 3mb,8mb and 12mb. How many TV Channels can I receive ?

There are numerous TV systems available from a one off payment to monthly payments, from having your own satellite dish to no satellite dish, to using only the internet. Please call or visit for more details.

 Are we tied in to an any time contract ?

Absolutely not. We do not tie you in to a contract as we like our customers to be satisfied not tied.

If any problems with our boxes!

On back at left side, switch off for one minute and back on again. if the problem is still there please call us


Contact us today on +34 965 064 350

PN TV Services 

104 Avenida de las Especias

Pinar de Campoverde Alicante 03191

Telephone: 965 064 350 Mob: 622 448 381